How has our world changed? Why is community building necessary? Here you can learn about three paradigm shifts that have fundamentally altered how the world works.

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A vision of what our communities might look like with active, engaged community building. What would be different? How would people and institutions relate to one another?  

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The New Objectivity

"Transparency is the new objectivity". What does that mean? How does the trusted practice of objectivity hinder us from achieving our common goals?

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Field Guide

We're watching and shaping the emerging profession of community building in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids region and around the world. Learn, guide and co-create it us. 
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Field Notes

As we go, we're documenting our experiences and lessons learned. Come reflect with us and contribute your own stories from the field. 

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The Community

Everywhere we go, we find people practicing and building these ideas . Meet the community builders we've come across so far and add yourself. 

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